Shaaz Jung’s patience and determination paid off, snaps the rare black panther in Kabini forest reserve.

A great man once said “give me 100 young men of art and energy and I shall revolutionize the whole world.” There are great minds and talented people out there in every corner of the world all they need is recognition if even one of their talents or works.

Lately, there have been a multitude of people coming out to be great photographers with high ambitions and aspirations. These do not do mainstream photography but have given the work a totally nuanced angle with a pinch of their identity. Their photos and wok reflect them and their personalities. There are great photographers and video makers working with channels like DISCOVERY or Animal Planet who document and showcase the wildlife of the world from unknown to the known. These people live for unprecedented number of days in the forest among wild animals shooting and documenting their every move and lifestyle at all times. There are some animals who most certainly do not live in the renowned jungles of the world but are present in some abandoned inhabited not so often visited or populated areas that can be spotted if you tend to be extremely good with your luck or are passing through the area at the time when they come out of their habitats, these animals are well known but hard to document or see directly on a regular basis. It requires patience and determination on a whole new level to do that.

An 18-year old in Karnataka named Shaaz Jung has been the talk of the social media due to his latest posts on his Instagram page. The boy spent some 150 hours to get pictures of the rare black panther residing in the Kabini Forest Reserve. The cat is extremely rare and is seen by people who have a really strong good luck. The boy spent 5 years and 12 hours tracking the cat and was finally able to receive extremely eye catching shots of the cat walking and hiding behind a tree. They spread like a wildfire all over the social media. In some of the photos that were captured later by Mithun H the cat was spotted walking alongside a leopard which when glanced in one look may seem like not a Black Panther but the shadow of the leopard. Inspired by the kind of dedication and hard-work and patience observed by Jung another passionate wildlife photographer Dhruv from Bijapur who not only is a wildlife photographer but also takes care of many birds at his home managed to spend some 9000 hours in the Kabini forests and gets snaps of the black cat.

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