Sex Education Season 3 : Netflix announced it lately! All updates

Netflix’s one of the educational shows Sex Education has made an official announcement for the release of a new season and the cat is very excited to see what is coming their way and is really happy to read the first episode.

It was announced by Alistair Petrie who plays the headmaster of he high school. The first two seasons were a hit as the show revolved around the lives of teenagers going through biological changes and sex drives in them with one boy Otis as their counsellor for a good and safe sexual life which he learns about on himself despite the fact that his mother is a professional sexologist. There are all types of couples in show and it also revolves around the kind of chemistry and sexual life a gay or a lesbian couple lives making people aware as to what is in it for them. The boy falls in love with Maeve who is a free spirit yet broken girl struggling to make the ends of life meet for her and her brother.

The new season will have all similar faces from the past two seasons like Otis (Asa Butterfield), Eric (Ncuti), Maeve (Emma Mackey) and others. The untouchables that is Anwar, Olivia, Ruby il also be present along with Aimee’s boyfriend, Ola’s dad, Adam’s mum and others. Welcome to the portal about online casinos and gambling on the Internet. We will guide you to win at the casino!. As we saw in season 2 there were addition of new characters this is also done the same in season 3 also with the introduction of Headmaster’s older brother and the new headmistress ‘Hope’. But whether we’ll see Anne-Marie Duff back as Maeve’s mum Erin remains to be seen. They didn’t exactly part on good terms.

It is quite clear that the previous two seasons saw a lot of struggle and coping with life among the student while they harnessed their biological urges and changes along with studies and anxiety and fear and how each of them balanced and helped each other grow the same will be carried in the new season also. Ola and Otis called it a day, Ola moving on with Lily, while Otis built up the courage to leave that voicemail on Maeve’s phone.

“It’s you,” he said. “It’s always been you. I love you.”

But Isaac, who has also taken a shine to Maeve, threw a spanner in the works when he deleted Otis’s declaration of love.

With so much on the brink the audience have a lot to expect and to look forward in the show.

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