Russia Records 929 Covid Fatalities in a Day, Highest Ever Since the Outbreak

On Wednesday, Russia witnessed the highest death toll in COVID-19, with more than 900 casualties, for the first time since the outbreak. The country is currently dealing with an increase in COVID-19 cases, with the government implementing strict restrictions in Moscow. However, the fifth hardest-hit COVID-19 case managed to contain the virus, but it seems that things are getting worse again.

Russia records the highest number of deaths of all time

Amid the increase in COVID-19 cases in the country, Russia recorded the highest number of victims on Wednesday, with the death toll at 929. So far, the country has recorded more than 7.5 million COVID infections -19 and thousands of deaths. But the victims never reached that level. However, the fifth hardest-hit COVID-19 country in the world is witnessing an increase in its daily infections since August 2021. With the COVID-19 Delta variant dominating the increase, the country is also facing a very lethargic vaccination campaign.

Source: Reuters

Difficulty in distributing vaccines

Although Russia has successfully developed several safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines; the government is struggling with its distribution. Authorities are continually encouraging the public to inoculate; just to end the day in failure. However, some reports suggest that half of the Russian population is not interested in getting a vaccine from Covid. As a result, cases in the country are increasing recklessly, forcing the government to implement strict restrictions in several regions, including Moscow.

Inactive Vaccinations in the Country

So far, only 30% of Russians are fully vaccinated. As mentioned above, half of the country’s population is not interested in receiving an injection from Covid. Henceforth, the authorities in Russia are fighting; encourage citizens to receive their jabs. The country’s total population is around 146 million and only 30% of the population has received vaccines. Deputy Prime Minister Tayana Golikova said earlier this week that death rates were high among the country’s unvaccinated population.

Russia records 929 fatalities in one day, the largest since the epidemic
Source: Anadolu Agency

Situation of COVID-19 in Russia

Addressing the situation, said a government spokesman; that locks are the last option for them. It is an absolutely undesirable situation in any region of Russia. However, authorities have implemented some strict restrictions in Moscow, but do not plan to implement a national blockade.

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