Russel Honore To Review Security Infrastructure In US After The Capitol Riots

Retired Lieutenant General Russel Honore has been given a responsibility by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after the Capitol riots.

Russel Honore To Review Security Infrastructure

Russel Honore

The Capitol riots have increased security concerns in the United States especially when the inauguration day for Joe Biden as the new President of the US is approaching.

The riot which claimed the lives of at least six people was initiated by a mob of Trump supporters. And the matter of big concern is that there are possibilities that such riots can take place once again. Therefore it is quite essential to tighten the security measures.

Russel Honore

Thus the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has revealed that she has appointed retired Lieutenant General Russel Honore to look into the security infrastructure in the country especially the Capitol Hills. Russel has handled several crucial security affairs in the past and therefore Pelosi thinks that he is the ideal choice to look into the security infrastructure during this crucial time.

Pelosi Sheds Light On The Arrangements On Inauguration Day

The House Speaker apart from appointing Russel to look after the security-related issues has also shed light on the arrangements made for the inaugural ceremony on January 20.

She said that Joe Biden taking charge as the new President of the United States is indeed a matter of great joy for everyone. Thus the inaugural ceremony should be something worth remembering forever.

Russel Honore

But Pelosi also added that due to the ongoing pandemic the ceremony will not be as grand as expected because mass gatherings will be avoided at any cost. She also added that post the Capitol riots there have been security concerns as well. 

As for the security arrangements on January 20, it is said that more than 7,000 armed personnel have been appointed so that the inaugural ceremony goes on smoothly without any security violation.  Russel Honore will be in charge of all the security activities as mentioned by Nancy Pelosi.

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