RLP MP Hanuman Beniwal hands over resignation from parliament sessions over farm laws.

The farm laws have really started to become a problem for the country and BJP in all senses. The party has now started to not only lose credibility but it has also started to lose its members of the party.

As of recently we heard that one of BJP’S alliance RLP’s member Hanuman Beniwal was against the farm laws and in support of he farmers and their call for Bharat bandh, he also made a statement about reconsidering their alliance with NDA. The MP have now taken bold steps to retaliate against these laws and show full support to the farmers and make the government listen to them and take back the laws or atleast consider something that can be done about their revoking. Hanuman Beniwal who is an MP of Rajasthan Nagaur on Saturday submitted his resignation to Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla in agitation for the government passed farm laws. The man in his defence has a lot to say, his words not only remain inside the parliaments walls or are limited only for the lawmakers but what he has to say is something for all those to ponder upon who chose this government for people like us who voted and made them our law makers and is a voice for all those farmers who are out here in this chilly cold weather protesting for their livelihood in the worlds biggest democracy and their voices are not being heard or supported also but being made fun of. What can be understood as concerning is that Mr. Beniwal has said a lot of social issues in the parliament as a respected member but now that there are multiple protests going on and so much disruption in the country’s capital what will be done now on this issue that affects not only the farmers but the economy as well and it is really upsetting that the people who once promised and stood for the farmers are the ones who have shut their ears and doors to them now.

The man along with the many people who support the farmers not only want a revoking of the farm laws but also want the implementation of the Swaminathan Commission for the farmers benefits. It is high time the government pays heed to this situation given the increasing cold this year and for people to have a soft corner for them and not make a mockery out of the privileges and support and care they are being given while they protest after all it is because of them we survive and get food to eat.

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