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“Riveria” Season 4: Are We Getting Another Season?

After the tremendous success of the previous seasons, we all have been waiting for “Riveria” Season 4. The first season of the series was dropped in 2017 and was a massive hit.

“Riveria” Season 4: Renewed Or Cancelled?

"Riveria" Season 4

The Now TV series has entertained us for three long seasons. We know that the first season was dropped in June 2017 and the last season was dropped in October 2020 with the last episode dropping in December 2020.

The last series left us craving for another season. So is “Riveria” Season 4 on the cards? Well, all the fans are eagerly waiting for another season because the plot has quite a lot more to explore.

But as of now, it is too early to predict anything because the makers have not officially renewed the series yet. The lead actor of the series Julia Stiles has recently dropped a hint that the fourth season might be on the cards. During an interview, the actress has given a very cryptic hint about the upcoming season.

"Riveria" Season 4

She said that as of now she doesn’t want to talk much about “Riveria” Season 4 because it will totally depend on the success of the previous season. Therefore it means that the makers are planning to make another season. Also now that the third season has been earning good responses we can expect the makers to announce “Riveria” Season 4 soon.

“Riveria” Season 4: Plot

The suspense drama explores the story of Georgina Clios who is a suspicious widow of a rich man who left behind the massive property. And she owns everything after his death.

Several mysteries are surrounding his death and we know that Georgina is somewhat associated with it. But the previous seasons revealed very less about her past.

"Riveria" Season 4

Thus we expect that the upcoming season will talk a little more about her past. We can expect the fourth season to shed some light on the mystery of her husband’s death. Also in the previous season we saw that she is not in Riveria anymore and is working elsewhere. Hence the upcoming season will tell us if she has moved out permanently.

Will Georgina ever return to Riveria? If yes, what mysteries will be unveiled with her return? The upcoming season will bring all the answers to these queries.

We just hope that the makers announce the renewal of the series. Because cannot wait to witness Georgina’s journey in her life full of mystery and suspense.

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