Reputed news channel anchor mixes up historic and spiritually important figures during a debate, faces trial.

It may not be about Hindu Muslim but it has definitely got something to do with a reputed channel’s news anchor not being clear on facts and forgetting their history over a debated.

Amish Devgn will be tried for making a inappropriate remark on a Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisti who is not only historically important but believed to be very holy and sacred by the community he is associated with. Devgn retracted a statement on his private twitter account correcting his mistake about mistaking Allauddin Khilji with Moinuddin Chisti and intertwining the names during a heated debate on his channel a few days back. Although he on the spot corrected his mistake there was a complaint filed against him and he is to be tried in front of a 2-judge bench comprising Justices A.M. Khanwilkar and Sanjiv Khanna.

The Supreme Court on Monday however, refused to quash FIRs against him for his alleged derogatory remark against the saint but said he will get protection from any coercive action if he continues to cooperate with the probe. The FIR was transferred to different states by the bench of judges. SC had provided him protection from any action in his connection to the FIRs. Senior advocate Manish Singhvi, appearing for Rajasthan opposed the plea in the name that investigation is the right of the police.

The plea submitted concerns his life and liberty and that he and his family and relatives have been getting threats and abuses from unknown people on social media and that all the FIRs and baseless complaints have made him a country wide baseless criminal. The Supreme Court observed that the issue whether the offence was made out against Devgn can be determined only on a factual evaluation in a trial.

Indian media has always been into heated debates and clashes on screen during various talk show but there has never been such a blunder mistake made by a well known and reputed anchor of a reputed channel that they mix up two historically important names who are in no way related to each other considering their lifestyle and their personality and their reasons of being in history books. The issue is somehow now considering to be having to do something with the increasing islamophobia and safforanism in the country. The two figures that the man mixed up are very prominent and on of them hold religious importance, he is considered very holy and has a whole shrine specifically for him that is a very big tourist destination and is said to have a very special meaning for the many many devotees who go to the shrine.

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