No Foreign Leader As Chief Guest At Republic Day Event, Announces External Affairs Ministry

The Republic Day parade on 26th January 2021 will not have any foreign leader as the guest of honour. This was announced by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Republic Day Event Not To Have Foreign Leader As Chief Guest

Republic Day

26 January 2021 marks the 72nd Republic Day of India. And like every year the Captial city of India New Delhi will witness the grand Republic Day event which is looked forward to every year.

On every Republic Day, a grand parade is held to display the strengths of India in terms of military, cultural heritage and much more. This parade is a grade by delegates like the Prime Minister of India, President and other important people.

Every year a Foreign Leader is invited as the Chief Guest in the event. But this time the Republic Day event will be a little different. We know that the world has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and we have adapted to the new normal. Thus there will be some changes even during the grand parade.

Republic Day

As per the Minister of External Affairs no foreign leader will be invited as the Chief Guest in the event. This decision has been taken due to the pandemic crisis and travel restrictions all over the world.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was invited to be the Guest of honour in the event. But he declined the invitation because the United Kingdom has seen a rise in the COVID-19 cases and therefore a stay at home lockdown had to be imposed. And a few days after Boris’s refusal the Ministry of External Affairs has announced that the event will see no foreign leader as the guest of honour.

Other Protocols Has Been Set For The Republic Day Event

Apart from not calling any foreign leader, other protocols have been set for the event adhering to the pandemic restrictions. As per the DCP of New Delhi, the event will allow on 25, 000 spectators and everyone should have valid passes.

Republic Day

Also, the size of the marching contingents will be reduced adhering to the social distancing protocol. Apart from that other protocols like masking and sanitisation will be mandatory for anyone attending the event.

Thus this is the first time that we will not witness a foreign delegate as the Chief Guest of the event and also all the other changes that have been made is quite unusual for everyone.

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