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Raya and the Last Dragon

There are a lot of fantasy films in which The world is saved By or through the main protagonist Some members of the group Who have Superpowers To save their village or the world and Raya and the Last Dragon is one of them released by Walt Disney Animated Studios.

This one Animated family adventure The 2021 film and this American film is set in a fantasy world and is based on traditional Southeast Asian culture.

But the story is not based on a true legend or life but the co-screenwriter when asked- Adele LimThe story of Raya and the last dragon is inspired by real women and the name Raya symbolizes the Southeast Asian women with whom the co-screenwriter grew up.

Don Hall and Carlos Lopez are the directors of Estrada Raya and the Last Dragon, and Quinguen Adele Lim wrote the film, which was released on this day. March 5, 2021 For in the United States 107 minutes In English.

Raya and the Last Dragon

This fantasy and adventure film made money Income No. $ 130.3 million Against a budget of $ 100 million + and the movie was released in different formats and these are 2D, 3D, Dolby Cinema and IMAX.

Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Studios are the production companies while Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures are the distributors of this animated movie that rescued the people of Kumandra from the evil spirits that are drones that turn everyone into stone.

Kelly Mary Tran, Aquafina, Isaac Wang, Jemma Chan, Daniel Day Kim, Benedict Wong and a few others contributed to the film by giving their best and voices in the animated film.

The movie was viewed by many people in a short period of time and became the second most watched movie on Netflix after Lucifer’s Season 5 as it received positive reviews from critics and viewers.

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Raya and the Last Dragon: Story

Raya and the Last Dragon

Those who did not want this film wanted to know what is in the story and why so many people watch it. The film is worth watching for everyone because of its interesting and wonderful story.

The work of saving the world or the village started in the land of Kumandra which caused damage Drones, evil spirits Which is banned and is now captured by Sisu’s powers, the last dragon in the form of gems which is taken care of by the people of Kumandra so that the drone does not come out again which turns the people and the dragon into stone.

So the head of Kumandra and his people decide to take care of the dragon gem and this Kumandra area is divided into five tribal groups and they are Feng, Heart, Spine, Talon and Tail.

Five hundred years later the duty or responsibility of preserving the dragon gems is entrusted to Rai who is the daughter of Benja to protect and protect the gem so that it does not come out intoxicated and till then Benja takes care of the gem. Kumandra’s hopes have been reunited and he is leading the group.

During the celebration period Raya, daughter of Benja, Meets the daughter of the chief Virana named Namri. Namri is a gifted girl Who fools Raya in the name of friendship and gives Raya a pendant and convinces her that Sisu (dragon) still exists and we can call her.

Believing the words of Namri what she told her, she takes him to the place where the gems are placed and taking the opportunity Namri steals the gem to help her tribe. When they heard this, they all came and started fighting with each other in a group which resulted in Mani breaking and Drun came out and took the lives of the people and turned them into stones.

Seeing this Benja, he throws her into the water to save his daughter because Drun can’t fight with water because Drun had a strong dislike for water before Ryan made the stone.

Raya is rescued and for the next six years she is searching for dragons to stop the evil spirits from turning the people of Kumandra into stone by making other gems.

In the tail, she found a dragon named Sisu and talked to her about making other gems, but she (Sisu) admitted that she could not help making other gems because all her friends and her powers had been used before. Everyone contributed their strengths. To stop the drone, so that it can not do the whole job alone.

Raya and the Last Dragon

They decided to collect four pieces of stone to save his father and other members who were frightened and turned into stones.

When the two began their journey through Tail, Talon and Spine, they met new friends – young restaurateur Bowen, baby con artist Little Noin and Tone the Warrior, and they too lost loved ones to the drone.

Again Rai has to face Namri for taking the last piece of stone to save the people of Kumandra but she has no faith in her new friends. At this point Namri also attacks Rai but she is rescued by Sisu which reveals Sisu’s identity.

At that point Sisu tells Raya not to steal the last part of the gem with Namri but the two girls are ready to fight and Rai accidentally kills Sisu to stop Namri.

Rai was saddened by Sisu’s death, and the water disappeared from the Feng Canal, forcing the drones to enter the area, forcing the tribe to make and turn stones. Realizing all this, she threw stones at Feng to save Feng and surrendered herself to the drone in the hope of reconnecting and rescuing the others.

Raya and the Last Dragon

Namari manages to reassemble the gem as Raya’s other allies help rescue the Feng people and when the gems are reassembled the evil spirits disappear from the area and the Kumandra people are rescued and returned to their former form. Humans and Sisu also resurrect and the whole tribe gathers at the heart to reunite and the story ends as all the evil spirits are saved – the drone.

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What is the age of illness in Raya and the last dragon?

She is an 18-year-old girl, holding a rod every time and wearing a cream-colored leather tank in the American animated film Raya and The Last Dragon.

Raya and the Last Dragon trailer

Rye and the Last Dragon: See

You can stream this family and loving movie Disney plus, Youtube, Vudu, Google Play Movies & TV, Amazon Prime Video and on Apple TV.

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Final words

Raya and the Last Dragon is a great movie to watch and there is no information about another movie or sequel. So if a sequel is made in the future, the sequel will not come before 2024 or 2025.

So keep watching this movie that got 7.4 out of 10 rating on IMDB And 75% on Metacritic. Stay connected with us and explore more interesting movies and dramas at trendingnewsbuzz.com

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