Ratched Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Ratched Season 2 is one of the highly anticipated seasons of the Netflix psychological thriller by Ryan Murphy. After the massive success of the first season, Netflix is returning with another season and we cannot keep calm.

Ratched Season 2: Release Date

Ratched Season 2

The series was released on September 2020 and was an instant hit. It left us craving for more because we wanted to see more of our favourite Ratched characters on screens.

We already knew that Ratched Season 2 would definitely be there because it was confirmed way back in 2017. But now the question is when will we get another season of Ratched.

Amid this pandemic crisis, the production of Ratched Season 2 faced a delay. It is expected to start by early 2021 and if things go smoothly without any further delay we can predict that Ratched Season 2 will grace our screens by late 2021 or maybe early 2022 depending on the pace of the production and post-production activities.

Ratched Season 2: Plot

Ryan Murphy’s amazing creation has amazed the audience. We absolutely love to see the central character, Mildred Ratched on screen. She is basically a nurse who is quite dedicating in her work.

But as the show progresses we started witnessing the opposite side of Ratched and that she is not exactly what she looks like. She is a very perplexed character and is caught up in a web of negativity.

Ratched Season 2

In the first season, we saw how she planned the murder of her own brother Edmund who was supposed to be executed on the charges of murder. She did not want him to be executed as it was painful and thus she wanted to kill him in his sleep. And we found it quite bizarre because it was not the Mildred who was an ideal, polite and dedicated nurse.

Ratched Season 2

With this decision of her, she introduced us to her dark side. And to everyone’s horror, Edmund ran away from the prison only to find out that his beloved sister was plotting his murder. So the upcoming season will show us what will be the aftermath of this and what will be Edmund’s next step.

Apart from that, there are certain other things that need to be revealed in the upcoming season. We can expect to see more of her dark side in the upcoming season.

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