Queen and Prince Philip to be vaccinated first for covid-19 to remove anxiety from people.

The royal family of England is one of the most prestigious families of the world. With the onset of distribution of corona vaccine doses in UK and people getting anxious about its effect and efficiency along with social campaigns regarding the same the authorities decided that the vaccine shall fist be given to the queen and prince Philip as to assure people that it is not harmful or have any side effects.

Is it fair to put the royal family above those in serious need of a vaccine?

Ever since UK authorized the Pfizer vaccine there has been a whisper among the people if the vaccine is suitable for everyone and actually effective or not. When it came to the ears of the authorities it was however decided that the vaccine would first likely be given to the Queen and Prince Philip and all those above the age group of 80 and care home workers for the first phase but does it include people from the rural household too. After being received 800,000 doses from Belgium UK has ordered 40mn doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The ordered amount from Belgium is enough to vaccinate a sufficient part of the population with 2 doses each within a time span of 21 days. It seems that the authorities and the Royal family are bent on getting immunized first for the virus rather than firstly putting out the doses for emergency and extreme cases already lying in their hospitals.

What does the first phase say about vaccine distribution?

The authorities have however urged people to still follow the protection guidelines implemented to prevent the spread of the virus and keep their immunity system strong. There are about 50 hospitals are being prepared for the initial rolling out of the vaccine by ensuring that they are all prepped up to refrigerate the vaccine at 70-80 degrees. Any appointments that do not meet the assigned group of people to be vaccinated for the first phase it will then be used for frontline workers, health care workers. The vaccine doses will land on Monday and NHS is all set to immunize their people against this hideous disease. Apparently, the concern of immunizing the people with an injection of the vaccine is not the concern but the delivering of it from Pfizer to the vaccine centers holds more importance. General practitioners (GPs) and other primary care staff are also being put on standby to start delivering the jab, with a number of them ready from December 14 and more in other parts of the country joining in a phased basis during the coming weeks and months.

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