Protecting the vaccine makers against frivolous lawsuit should be government duty,says Adar Poonawalla

The Serum Institute of India is keen on working on the vaccine for the ongoing pandemic that has been going on and on for quite a time now and seems to have no end to it.

It is not about protecting just the normal people from the virus because the normal can prevent themselves from catching the virus observing precautions and the guidelines set by the govt, the lockdown, the social distancing but protecting those who are out there in areas and institutes and job sectors that require them to stay out like the doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, scientists, police, army and others. Adar Poonawalla the CEO of the Serum Institute of India has asked the government to protect those involved in the vaccine making and distribution at all costs from the lawsuits that may follow them after the vaccine comes in and starts to be available. His statement is made seeing the unfavourable effects the vaccine has caused in other countries and how has it impacted the lives and face of those who were involved with the process.

The countries who started vaccinating their citizens against the virus are now seeing some altercations in its effectiveness which were very much susceptible given that no one gave a 100% guarantee to their vaccine and its effectiveness. The lawsuits and media and people‚Äôs mean comments and statements really hinder the working of the scientists and they lose focus.  “Adverse events post-immunisation is a critical aspect. Even during universal immunisation, which has been going on for decades, some adverse effects are seen in children and pregnant women. So, we can’t deny the possibility of an adverse event,” Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said at a press briefing on Tuesday. These people who are working on the vaccine are of a very high stature and belong to a very respectable section of the society and deserve the utmost respect of the people of a nation because it is due to these that the people will be immunized against the virus when the vaccine comes out and maligning their name under false pretenses is not dignified under any circumstances. It has been very much clear ever since there  has been talk about the vaccine for the virus that it will first be given to the frontline workers, emergency cases, aged people and then will be made available to common people.

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