Police Release Security Camera Footage From Kemsley Home Invasion

Camelsley releases camera footage for home invasion

Police released camera footage for the Camsley Home break-in

Police have finally released footage of suspects in the attack on the home of Dorit Kemsley’s Ansino, a cast member of “Beverly Hills Real Housewives.”

Authorities are trying to identify the three robbers who broke the glass door and threatened to kill the 45-year-old fashion designer and her two young children.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the horrific incident occurred at 10:50 pm on Oct. 27 in the 17000 block of Adlon Road in Enkino Reservoir.

The victim was inside the apartment when the suspects entered, police said in a statement.

“As she promised for her life and the lives of her young children, both suspects threatened to kill her.”

Authorities say the victim allegedly cooperated with the thieves’ demands and drew their attention to valuables inside the home.

According to police, they seized purses, jewelery and watches “with huge financial losses”.

In the camera footage, they are carrying heavy luggage in a waiting pickup before departing in a black truck.

According to TMZ, Kamsley was asleep when the break-in occurred and her two children, Jagger and Phoenix, were there, but no injuries were reported.

TMZ also reported that Dorit’s partner, Paul Kamsley, was out of town on a business trip at the time of the break-in at home.

Police have identified the suspects as men in their 20s and 30s and men wearing black hoodies and dark jeans.

Know anything about suspects?

Call the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division at 213-486-6840 if you have any information about home invasion suspects. 877-527-3247 is the number to call during non-business hours or on weekends.

Call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477 or report anonymously at lacrimestoppers.org.

Camsley, a Connecticut native, launched the Beverly Beach Swimwear Collection in 2017. He then expanded it to include sportswear, accessories and wedding dresses.

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