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Poland sets building wall on border with Belarus

Poland has begun construction on a $394 million high wall along its eastern border, aimed at preventing migrants pushed into EU territory by Belarus in a “hybrid attack,” according to the European Union.

On Thursday, reporters were allowed to view the work in the secured area.

Thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa have been putting pressure on Poland and Lithuania’s wooded border with Belarus since the summer, resulting in conflicts with Polish border guards. 

Razor wire has been used to secure Poland’s border with Belarus, and the number of guards has been raised.

Poland sets building wall on border with Belarus 2

The EU claims that Belarus’ authoritarian government is using the migrants to destabilise the 27-member bloc in retribution for Western sanctions against Minsk following a fraudulent election and a crackdown on the opposition.

The metal wall, which would be 5.5 metres (18 feet) tall, will run for more than 180 kilometres (115 miles) along the land portion of Poland’s border with Belarus, which also includes the Bug River as a border. It is expected to be finished in June.

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