Pfizer seeks permission to distribute vaccine in India, begins distribution in UK and Bahrain.

It has almost been a year since the first case of coronavirus was reported in China and it has been tormenting lives ever since. The entire world went on a lockdown for several months and everything hit a big pause leaving people hopeless and mentally vulnerable. In the past few weeks there have been updates about the vaccine for the virus completing its trials and being ready for distribution to various nations.

Pfizer brings hope in the world with the distribution of its vaccine doses.

Pfizer and German biotechnology partner BioNTech are the first pharma that has been able to complete the trials for the vaccine with an efficiency of 95% in its third stage and are ready to distribute the vaccine doses in the UK and Bahrain. They have applied for a Emergency use authorisation from the Drugs controller general of India to allow distribution of the vaccine in the country for emergency uses and has sought permission to start its sale and distribution besides waiver on clinical trials in India. However, there are certain parameters the govt of India holds against the vaccine produced by Pfizer like the required temperature for its storage in hospitals and how would it travel across seas to reach India. The drug regulator may give authorization if the results of the vaccine are satisfactory when tested outside India.

Is 95% effectiveness enough for Pfizer vaccine distribution in India?

The brain stomping question that arises now that there are certain other vaccines also who are seeking distribution approval will it be available to the people in the rural areas where the hospitals do not have latest technologies and appliances to store and ingest the vaccine? To this the government made a statement that in the initial stages there will not be enough doses for common people to avail and will be used on extreme cases, emergencies, frontline workers, army, doctors, police officials basically anyone who is at high risk of getting affected or are involved in the red zones of the country. The pharma however shall distribute the vaccine as per the New Drugs and Clinical trials Rules 2019. Along with Pfizer there also indigenous vaccines being produced who have submitted the application for the same seeing their success in the third stage of human trials for their vaccine like the serum institute of India and the oxford-Astrazeneca-Covid-19 vaccine. Pfizer has also filed approvals for the same in the US also. The matter that needs attention concerning the Pfizer vaccine is that it requires a temperature of 70degrees for it storage which is practically not possible for countries like India and making it difficult to make available in the rural areas. The vaccine will be distributed only through government contracts based on agreements with respective government authorities and following regulatory authorization or approval

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