People board up store windows to protect the estate from any damage

With the election process underway in USA, retail stores, posh boutiques and expensive properties are taking all necessary precautionary measures to protect their estates from getting ransacked or destroyed. All the high-end properties have been boarded up and Rodeo drive has been barricaded for vehicles and pedestrians for the coming days.

“Ferragamo is boarded up, Prada is boarded up, Dolce & Gabbana is boarded up,” Kathy Gohari, vice president of the Rodeo Drive Committee stated. “Rodeo Drive is among the most desirable streets in the world, which means we’re one of the biggest targets. What we do not welcome is people with ill intentions, who are here to destruct property.”

The year has been affected by great chaos and unrest, and due to this the retailers don’t want any stone unturned and are taking all measures to protect themselves. The windows of the stores are boarded up and security has been heightened. Some people have even closed their stores for the day and offered time off to the employees.

“The safety of our customers, associates, and communities, as well as the protection of our physical assets, is of utmost importance,” Nicole Schoenberg, a spokeswoman for Saks Fifth Avenue, stated.

Losses suffered by stores

Business and shops have already suffered a lot by the hands of the civil unrest and the worldwide pandemic caused by coronavirus, and now the elections have posed a new problem. The protests against police brutality have turned aggressive in the past and this contentious election could take a turn any moment.

Approximately, a loss of $1 billion has been suffered by the vendors in the form of property destruction and robberies. The protests that happened this year have been deemed to be “the costliest civil disorder in U.S. history.”

Tightening security

Security companies have been tending to the calls and demands for increased security by the shops and stores.

“All of the requests are the same: Board up everything before Election Day,” an anonymous source stated. “If you go downtown, everything is boarded up, regardless of whether it’s a luxury store or not. It’s never been like this before.”

Small businesses and dispensaries have been making demands for bullet proof windows as per Mike Clark, the vice president of Creative Industries in Indianapolis.

Time to vote

Along with protecting the store from riots, the stores’ owners have also given the employees some time off to go and vote as the elections are extremely important for the future of the country.

The trade group has urged retailers to maintain contact with the local police departments from time to time. It has been their individual decision to take precautions for themselves and the store.

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