Peacemaker Has Harsh Words for Aquaman in New R-Rated Clip

One minute has passed since we heard anything significant Suicide Squad Spinoff series Peacemaker, Even though DCEU’s first episode is coming to the exclusive HBO Max in less than seven weeks.

We saw the first full-length trailer for the show on DC Phantom last month, but it’s the last we’ve heard in official capacity from John Cena’s upcoming R-rated adventure. However, it has now changed mainly due to a hilarious clip that is definitely not safe for work.

The titular antihero finds himself engaged in a conversation with Rizwan Manjini’s hospital janitor Jamil, who refuses to believe that Christopher Smith actually claims to be a superhero. In fact, the peacemaker ends up having a heated exchange saying “f * ck Aquaman”, so he’s clearly not a fan of the Justice League.

It makes the most of Cena’s Deadpan comic talent, now widely known as the strongest part of its onscreen arsenal, and the new clip is burdensome with additional information for which a brand new trailer Peacemaker It is set to premiere on December 3.

Not to mention the heavy involvement of James Gunn as creator, writer and regular director, based solely on this brief clip. Peacemaker DCEU is going to see an appointment for fans that could boost HBO Max subscribers.

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