Paul Arthurs is diagnosed with cancer

Former oasis guitarist Paul Arthurs has withdrawn from future guitarists after being diagnosed with tonsillar cancer.  A musician, also known as Bournehead, told fans  in a statement posted on Twitter that he would “break for a while.” 

Paul Arthurs will not be performing with Liam Gallagher in the gig scheduled for this summer. Arthurs co-founded Oasis and performed on some of the band’s biggest albums, including his debut. 

Paul Arthurs

He played rhythm guitar and keyboards for the band and also appeared in What’s The Story (Morning Glory) and Be Here Now.  Arthurs left the oasis in 1999, but in recent years has begun working with Gallagher on other projects. 

He co-starred with Gallagher band Beady Eye in the mid-2010s and assisted guitarist Gem Archer after suffering a head injury. Arthurs has also appeared on Liam Gallagher’s solo album and has co-starred with him on his recent tours.

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