Paris and London to impose night curfews

Europe’s two biggest capital cities are in the face of distress as Paris levied overnight curfews and London barred people meeting indoors from various houses to curb the spread of the infection.

After an increase in the coronavirus cases, these announcements were made as countries all over Europe have made the constraints even stricter.

Condition in France

The French capital and Aix-Marseille, Grenoble, Montpellier, Toulouse, Saint Etienne, Lille, Rouen and Lyon cities will endure a 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. regulation initiating from Friday midnight, President Emmanuel Macron declared.

“The aim is to reduce private contacts, which are the most dangerous contacts,” Macron stated on Wednesday. Breaching the curfew will lead to 135 euros fine if you are a first-time offender and 1500 euros on the repetition of the offense.

22,591 new cases have been recorded in France with 95 deaths on Wednesday taking the total to 779,063 cases and 33,037 deaths. Alert level of the virus restraints will be shifted from tier 1 “medium” to tier 2 “high” in London from Saturday morning, as per the UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Guidelines for London

This implies that people of London will not be able to meet other people from different households at any place, not even bars or restaurants. Gatherings outside will be capped to six people it is advised not to use the public transport as far as possible.

“We know from the first peak that the infection can spread fast and put huge pressures on the NHS, so we must act now to prevent the need for tougher measures later on,” Hancock stated.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan claimed that London is in a ‘critical moment’ in its battle against the pandemic and cautioning the rapid spread of the virus to all parts of the city.

“Hospital admissions are up, more patients are going into intensive care and, sadly, the number of Londoners dying every day is increasing again,” he told the London Assembly.

He also beckoned for better action on a national level and reiterated his backing for a “circuit breaker” lockdown.

A preprint paper authored by scientific experts to the government of UK asserts that thousands of coronavirus deaths could be prevented before the year ends, provided a two-week circuit-breaker lockdown were to be executed in the near future.

The paper points to a fact that it could decrease the number of deaths by 49% between now and the end of the year, relying on the progressive rate of the virus. But the authors warned that it was not a prediction of lives that would be protected since “the worst-case circumstances would never be permitted to persist without intercession.”

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