Paracetamol excessive use can enhance risk of heart attacks and strokes

Paracetamol has become the most common medicine these days. People always use this medicine to deal day to day pain areas. But Paracetamol is not very healthy for the human body. According to research, people with high blood pressure who take paracetamol on prescription may be increasing their risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Doctors should consider the dangers and advantages of giving Paracetamol to patients over a long period of time, according to University of Edinburgh experts.

They emphasise that taking a painkiller for headaches and fevers is safe. Other experts believe that more people need to be studied over a longer period of time to corroborate the findings.


Despite no evidence of its effectiveness for long-term usage, paracetamol is extensively used across the world as a short-term treatment for aches and pains and is also recommended to manage chronic pain.

In Scotland, half a million people were given the painkiller in 2018, accounting for one out of every ten people. According to this study, they may be more at risk if they also have high blood pressure, a disease that affects one in every three adults in the UK.

It followed 110 participants, two-thirds of whom were on blood pressure medication, or hypertension.

They were given 1g of paracetamol four times a day for two weeks – a normal dose for chronic pain sufferers – and then dummy tablets, or placebo, for another two weeks in a randomised experiment.

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