“Ozark” Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Dates

Netflix series “Ozark” has won several accolades so far and can be considered as one of the best crime series ever made. The series which debuted in 2017 has dropped three seasons so far and now we are all ready to witness the fourth season.

“Ozark” Season 4: Release Date


The third season of the series left us anticipating for another instalment. Thankfully Netflix announced “Ozark” Season 4 officially in June 2020 thus giving the fans a true sense of joy. Because we all want the Byrdes to be back on screen.

But sadly the fourth season would be the last time we see our favourite “Ozark” characters because Netflix officially cancelled the series thus making the fourth season its season finale.


This has left us with mixed feelings because we are excited about the upcoming season and on the other hand we are sad that it is coming to an end. As per sources, the filming is expected to start somewhere in spring of 2021.

So if that is so then the upcoming season might be dropped by early 2022. But an official notification from Netflix is highly awaited.

“Ozark” Season 4: Plot

A man going to any extent and trying his best to protect his family from a drug lord is what basically the plot of this series revolves around. The protagonist Marty Byrde makes the biggest mistake of his life when he gets involved in a scandalous money laundering scam.

Little did he know that this scam will turn his life upside down. Throughout the previous seasons, we saw how Marty and his wife are struggling to pay their debts off to the drug lord Navarro who will ruin their family apart if they fail to deliver the cartel.


The series is all about the sacrifices a man makes for the sake of his family. The fourth season is the last season will finally tell us if Marty will actually survive from the hands of Navarro or will his family be sacrificed in the end.

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