Ozark Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Much More

We have all been eagerly waiting for the release of Ozark Season 4. The Netflix crime thriller series is one of the most popular series and it has earned several accolades so far.

Ozark Season 4: Release Date

Ozark Season 4

Ozark first premiered on Netflix on July 21, 2017, and has entertained the audience with three back to back seasons. And now it is time for Ozark Season 4 to grace our screens.

We know that the series was renewed for another season on June 2020, three months after the release of the third season. With that, the makers also made it clear that Ozark Season 4 would be the season finale of the series. But as of now, we have not received ant official release date for the coming season because the filming had to be delayed due to the pandemic crisis.

Ozark Season 4

But now we have a piece of good news that Ozark Season 4 began filming from November 9, 2020. Although the shooting is going on, it did hit the rough patch because of the ongoing situation. Many members of the cast and crew were injected with the virus but the filming did not stop. Because it has already been delayed for quite long and the makers cannot afford further postponement.

Recently we also got another update that Ozark Season 4 will be divided into four instalments with seven-episode each. And as per speculations Ozark Season 4 Part, 1 will be delivered in mid-2021 whereas the second part is expected by early 2022.

Ozark Season 4: Plot

The crime thriller series has an amazing plotline having the ability to hook the audience. It basically tells the story of a financial adviser Marty Bryde who falls prey to a money-laundering plot.

That plot changes his entire life because it leaves him under a huge debt. He and his family are exposed to a very dangerous Mexican drug dealer Navarro, the same person under whom Marty owns a debt.

Ozark Season 4

The drug dealer makes it difficult for Marty and his wife Wendy they are unable to pay such a big debt and don’t want to put their children’s life at risk. The entire series is about Marty trying his best to deal with Navarro and shield his family. In Ozark Season 4 we can expect a lot of action to take place.

We will finally know if Marty has succeeded in paying off the debt or has been killed instead. Since Ozark Season 4 is the final season of the series we can expect a positive ending.

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