“Overlord” Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“Overlord” is a popular anime series that has been entertaining us since 2015. Three instalments have been dropped so far and the fourth one is highly anticipated.

“Overlord” Season 4: Release Date


This anime series has been developed from a very popular video game and the story was taken from a light Manga novel series. We know that the third season was dropped in 2018. It has been almost four years since we have been waiting for the makers to announce “Overlord.”

After a long wait finally, the makers have given their nod for renewing the series. And this was indeed a piece of great news. They revealed it during an event where the writers were also asked about the possible plotline of the upcoming season. As an answer to this, they did not reveal anything much but only said that they were tirelessly working on it and the plotline won’t disappoint the audience.


The production company of the series Madhouse has revealed that the production had started way back in 2020 but had to be stopped in between. Coronavirus shutdown was the main reason behind this massive delay.  Some official sources have stated that the production of “Overlord” has resumed.

If the production gets over by the stipulated time we can expect it to release by the end of 2021.

“Overlord” Season 4: Plot

The story sets back to the year 2125 where there is a very popular video game and many teenagers are addicted to it. But then the makers decide to close it down due to some technical glitch.

Our protagonist Momonga loves to play this game all the time. And the makers’ decision to discontinue the game saddened him. Thus a few hours before the shutdown of the game he decides to play it one last time. Little did he know that he will be trapped inside it forever.


To his horror, he got trapped as Aniz the avatar in which he used to play it. After being trapped he found himself inside the game world. Slowly he started winning territories and becoming the ruler of the virtual kingdom. “Overlord” Season 4 will focus on several other battles that Momonga will play inside the game.

There are also chances that finally he might be rescued from the virtual reality and come back to his human form.

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