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Our Father release date, cast, plot and many more

Our father investigated the behavior of Donald Klein, a former Indiana-based fertility doctor who used his sperm for fertilization without the patient’s knowledge, and as a result, he had at least 50 children.

I got it. The film tells the story of Jacoba Ballard, who was told by a DNA test that she had seven half-siblings. She was shocked and confused by this news, but eventually came to terms with it.

As the group of people researched their family tree, they soon discovered the sickening truth: their parents’ fertility doctor had been inseminating patients with his own sperm, without their knowledge or consent.

Our Father
Our Father release date, cast, plot and many more 3

As Ballard and her new siblings realised they have only just begun to uncover the secrets of their brother’s dark web of deception, their quest for justice lies at the heart of this deeply unsettling story.

Netflix released a chilling trailer for their upcoming documentary, Our Father, earlier this month. The trailer features interviews with the people who learned that Cline, the documentary’s subject, was their father.

 “I had to tell my husband,’I just found out that Julie wasn’t yours,'” said one of Klein’s patients in a clip. Another of Klein’s biological children said: “The majority of us live within a 25-mile radius of each other. 

Our Father
Our Father release date, cast, plot and many more 4

I am so connected to everyone that I could be a relative of anyone. “I dread every new match that comes along, but they just keep coming.” You can watch the full-length trailer for the documentary ahead of its release date in May.

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