“One Punch Man” Season 3: Are We Getting Another Season?

An award-winning anime series that has won several hearts “One Punch Man” Season 3 has to be the most awaited season of the series. This action anime series dropped its very first season in 2015 which came out quite successful.

“One Punch Man” Season 3: Is Another Season Happening?

"One Punch Man"

A year back i.e in 2019, the second season of this superhero anime came to an end. Its two amazing seasons had already built in a reputation of this series. And therefore “One Punch Man” Season 3 is now being anticipated by the fans.

We know that even the makers are sure that the series needs another season. Because the fans want more of One Punch Man as the ending of the second season was not satisfying enough.

And that is obvious that we want to see more of our beloved and out of the box superhero Saitama. Because his character has something unique to it, unlike other superheroes. Although not officially announced, but the makers have definitely hinted that “One Punch Man” Season 3 would be there.

"One Punch Man"

Moreover, the reason behind this massive gap can also be given to the coronavirus pandemic. Hence there are chances that we get a renewal announcement this year itself. Let us hope for the best!

“One Punch Man” Season 3: Plot

We all are aware of superheroes who tend to save the world with their superpowers. Even this anime series talks about one such superhero. But what makes this series unique is that unlike other superheroes our Saitama is someone who cannot run fast as the speed of light or cannot see the future.

Instead, he has a very unique superpower, and that is he has been blessed with the ability to literally defeat anyone with his punch. It is like all his superpowers are in his wrist.

But his powers were never given the correct appreciation and he was always considered as a useless fellow in his peer group. The city he lives in gets attacked by demons and devils and he wants to defeat them and save his people. But there are other powerful superheroes in his city like Garao who make fun of his skills.

"One Punch Man"

Hence as fans, we are waiting for the time when Saitama’s skills will finally be accepted. Some sources have hinted that the third instalment is expected to bring in amazing action sequences between Saitama and the enemies of the world. Maybe finally our superhero will get his skills recognized. 

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