One Punch Man Season 3: Fans will have to wait

The budding craze around anime has been increasing day by day. People prefer to watch diverse content on OTT platforms. So the increase in anime enthusiasts is clearly visible. One such action packed anime- One Punch Man, has been shattering records since it started in 2015. With immense post production work, such series take a long time to release.

People had to wait for around 4 years for the second season to premiere. It finally came out in April 2019. Hence it will not be too far fetched to think that the creators will take their  own good time to come up with season 3. This year has been very tedious for people all around the world.

season 3

Like many other tv series and movies, One Punch Man season 3’s production was halted owing to the worldwide pandemic caused by coronavirus. If you are looking for no deposit online casinos then the site freespinspromo exactly what you need. The entire media and entertainment industry has undergone severe losses as filming could not take place.

Expectations from Season 3

Fans can expect the upcoming season to be full of action and nevertheless, humor. It may be possible that Genos will not be present in season 3 but anime enthusiasts won’t be disappointed as a considerable number of heroes will be coming to limelight with fights packed with punches.

Season 3 will introduce the viewers and make them explore the monster association and the members in it. The much anticipated encounter between Saitama and Garou is not too far.

The official premiere date has not been confirmed yet. The possibility of the season still being in pipeline is high.

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