Obama and Trump engage in a battle of taunts

The campaigns and rallies for the upcoming elections have been fierce with severe attacks and allegations thrown at each other by the rivals. Recently, Former Prime Minister Barack Obama has directed comments and remarks towards Donald Trump while he appeared for his first campaign in Pennsylvania to support Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Saying that he encouraged racists, Obama compared Trump to a ‘crazy uncle’.

Trump’s comments

The President of USA derided Obama for being off beam regarding the 2016 elections. Even though Biden has a strong lead nationwide, there are some states in the US which could decide to vote either way and eventually become the decision makers of the November 3 elections.

The voting process in America has picked up pace significantly as many citizens have already casted their votes through ballots by post and personally.

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Donald Trump, as usual, kept his remarks focused on taunting and mocking his Democratic rival in his Gastonia rally on Wednesday. But this time, he took a dig at Barack Obama as well.

He stated that the voters have to choose between a “Trump super-recovery” or a “Biden steep depression”.

While Trump has been on the grounds at rallies in indecisive states, Biden has taken the time off to prepare for the upcoming presidential debate in Nashville on Thursday.

Obama’s remarks at the campaign

Obama was seen at a campaign for the first time after political conventions in August. Отзывы казино Fairspin. An hour later, when Trump came out for the campaign, he said, “There was nobody that campaigned harder for crooked Hillary Clinton than Obama, right?” The Trump supporters booed at the citation of his old adversaries’ names. “He was all over the place,” he added.

Trump also went on to taunt Obama’s earlier dearth of fervour for Biden. Apparently, in 2016, Obama convinced Biden to let Clinton run for the elections as he supposed that she could be successful in winning over Trump.

Obama commented on the mismanagement of coronavirus and the economy by the Trump’s administration and then talked about the president’s tweets in a drive-in rally in Philadelphia.

He stated that if Mr Biden won, “we’re not going to have a president who goes out of his way to insult anybody who doesn’t support him, or threaten them with jail. That’s not normal presidential behaviour”.

Obama continues to be a beloved and respected person of the Democratic party and remarked that voters will not endure such behaviour from a member from their family, “except for maybe a crazy uncle somewhere”.

“Why are folks making excuses for that?” he said. “Oh, well that’s just, that’s just him. No, it’s… no! There are consequences to these actions. They embolden other people to be cruel. And divisive. And racist. And it frays the fabric of our society. That behaviour matters. Character matters.”

Talking about the global pandemic, Obama said that the president cannot protect all of us from the virus when he is unable to take primary precautions to protect himself.

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