North Korean Hwasong-15 missile poses threat to USA

While a gigantic military parade was going on in North Korea, Kim Jong Un showcased Hwasong-15, a formidable missile that will be able to project numerous atomic artilleries in one go and it could plausibly aim for any city in the USA by engulfing the defense systems.

Experts have stated that the possible engine conformation of the Hwasong-16 intercontinental ballistic missile would let it carry thousands of pounds of freight to any place in the USA.

Hwasong-15’s capabilities

The authoritarian got to know from the former Soviet Union that adding warheads to one system is more efficient than creating additional weapons.

It is calculated that the Hwasong-16 could clutch up to four warheads. The Hwasong-15, propelled in November 2017 by Kim was alleged to have one warhead.


At approximately 85 feet, the latest liquid-fuel projectile seems to be around 6 to 9 feet elongated than the Hwasong-15, as per warhead doyens. It’s also more widespread with greater width, crowning it as the heftiest road-mobile ICBM of its kind in the world.

Displaying Hwasong-15

“It’s huge,” said Melissa Hanham, an expert on weaponry and deputy director of the Open Nuclear Network who described the missile as “a monster.”

Through the speech at the parade denoting the 75th birth anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party, Kim said that he would put his arsenal to use only if aggravated.

“But if any forces try to use their military power against us, I will pre-emptively mobilize our most powerful offensive force and punish them,” he added.

The engines of the Hwasong-16 might have been tried in December, but its real working cannot be evaluated until North Korea despatches it in reality. This won’t be possible during political risks for Kim as it would infringe international sanctions.

Threat to USA because of Hwasong-15

Furthermore, it would also emasculate President Trump’s resolve that his personal negotiation convinced Kim to stop trial launches of long-range rockets.


If the projectile is tested, it would possibly send it on a course to reach a summit of more than 3,100 miles — which will be 12 times higher than the International Space Station.

Xu Tianran, an expert for Open Nuclear Network, said that the warhead “could probably reach the whole of the US with a very large, high yield nuclear warhead, or two or more warheads if the warheads are smaller and lighter.”

Retired CIA specialist Bruce Klingner of the Heritage Foundation said: “The clear message was that, counter to US claims, the North Korean nuclear threat has not been solved.”

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