North Korea set to launch an ‘unidentified projectile’ into the sea

North Korea has launched an unidentified projectile into the sea says South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). 

the first report of the launch was given by a Japanese coast guard, he said that it was probably a ballistic missile, but no confirmation has yet been given. The UN prohibits North Korea from ballistic and nuclear weapons tests.

If confirmed then this could be the first-ever launch which is carried by  Pyongyang this year.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the US intelligence and South Korea are keeping a close eye on the incident and trying to dig out further information. 

North Korea’s latest short-range missile, tested on May 4, looks similar to Russia’s Iskander missile. North Korea describes it as a “tactical guided weapon.”

Japan’s defense minister Nobuo Kishi said the suspected ballistic missile had flown about 500 km (310 miles), according to a Reuters report, but according to one expert, there is still no way to confirm this.

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