NFT global sales falls  down

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have made it simpler for blockchain artists and digital producers to acquire attention and profit quickly from the sale of their work. However, according to recent statistics from CryptoSlam, half of the NFT purchasers have disappeared from the NFT marketplaces.

According to statistics gathered from the CryptoSlam NFT tracker, NFT sales fell to $4.6 billion in January. NFT sales were $2.44 billion at the end of March, down 53% from the previous month.


According to the data, the number of unique buyers fell from 9.98 lakhs in January to 6.4 lakhs in March and is now at 3.81 lakhs in April, a 66.5 percent drop.

In January, the average NFT was sold for $623, but it has since decreased to $425, an almost 68 percent loss.

There is, however, some positive news for artists who use Ethereum networks. The number of NFT collections on the Ethereum network has surged by over 100% in 2022, according to blockchain intelligence startup IntoTheBlock. Only 15,500 NFT collections were accessible in 2021, but the Ethereum network today has over 80,000 NFTs, making it the most preferred alternative for’minting’ an NFT.

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