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StoreKit 2. StoreKit 2 features new Swift-based APIs that make supporting in-app purchases and subscriptions easier than ever. Now you can easily determine product entitlements and eligibility for offers, quickly get a user’s in-app purchase history, discover the latest subscription status with a simple check, provide a way to request refunds, and manage subscriptions. within your app, and more. StoreKit 2 also uses Swift and JSON Web Signature concurrency to simplify how you retrieve product information and handle transactions. Available on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15 and watchOS 8.

App Store server API. Support users and resolve in-app purchase issues faster with the new App Store server API now available in production.

  • In-app purchase history. Get a user’s in-app purchase history.
  • Subscription Status. Determine whether a subscription is active, expired, billing retry, or billing grace period.

App Store Server Notifications. Coming soon. Get real-time updates on your in-app purchases so you can create personalized experiences for your users. Now you can take advantage of new notification types that cover more user events, including subscription expirations, offer redemptions, refunds, and more. You can also enter an optional URL in App Store Connect to receive server notifications in the App Store sandbox environment, separate from the URL you use for production.

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