“Never Have I Ever” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“Never Have I Ever” has to be Netflix’s one of the most well-made series. Debuting on April 2021, it has entertained us with two seasons and now we are desperately waiting for the third instalment!

“Never Have I Ever” Season 3: Release Date

"Never Have I Ever"

The creator of the series Mindy Kaling has indeed made a masterpiece in the form of “Never Have I Ever.” This series has been gaining massive popularity since the first day of its Netflix debut.

After the success of the first season, Netflix dropped in the second instalment on July 15, 2021. And it was really worth all the hype. Maybe the second season made us fell in love with the series even more! 

With this, our anticipation for the third season has also soared up. So when are we expecting the upcoming instalment? Well, neither the makers nor Netflix has officially uttered anything regarding another season.

"Never Have I Ever"

But the ending of the second season hinted that another instalment would be there. Because the plot has a lot more to offer. There are high chances that the series might be officially renewed by the end of this year and we get “Never Have I Ever” Season 3 by mid 2022.

Let us be patient and wait for the good news!

“Never Have I Ever” Season 3: Plot

The series revolves around Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian American teenager who is going through a lot in her life. From losing her father, to love triangles and rifts with the strict mother, her life gets as messier as ever.

The second season was all about Devi and her romantic encounters with Paxton and Ben. We saw how she was dating both the boys only to get caught in the end.

"Never Have I Ever"

On the other hand Nalini and her affair with her colleague also did not go well with Devi. The season left us with Paxton accepting his love for Devi publicly as he goes to the prom as her partner.

So “Never Have I Ever” Season 3 is expected to focus on Devi and Paxton’s relationship. It will also be interesting to see if Devi will ever accept her mother’s desires to have a soulmate.

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