Naftali Bennett Sworn In As Israel’s New PM

Naftali Bennett became the 13th Prime Minister of Israel. The serving PM Benjamin Netanyahu ended his 12 year long tenure and hence Israel got a new government after more than a decade.

Naftali Bennett Becomes Israel’s 13th PM

Naftali Bennett



On June 13, 2021, Naftali Bennett, was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Israel. He served as the defence minister of the country for a long time and now at the age of 49, he is elected to lead the country.

The alliance party from which he belongs has at least more than 20% of Arab representation. And it looks like a ray of hope for the Arab minorities in the country.

Naftali Bennett

Netanyahu’s agendas were highly crtiticed by many and that was the reason Isreal had four elections in just two years. And finally this time Bennett won the majority in the parliament thus overthrowing Netanyahu.

Will It Affect The Israel-Palestine Conflict?

Benjamin Netanyahu and his right winged agendas were the main reason behind the country’s conflict with Palestine. But this new government has a good representation of Arab minority.

Hence there are chances that Bennett might not adopt the same agendas as Netanyahu. As per reports this new government is planning to bring in several reforms and maybe we can expect a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Naftali Bennett

But as per the Palestinian opinion, they think that the new government in Israel will not make any difference. And the fight and oppression would continue until and unless Palestian gets support from foreign bodies.

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