My Best Friend Anne Frank is soon to release

Are you excited to watch the movie My Best Friend Anne Frank? This is going to release on Netflix soon, so take the subscription soon if you haven’t taken it.

Following films such as The Forgotten Battle, Netflix has released My Best Friend Anne Frank, a Dutch drama. The tale of Anne Frank, the little girl who survived through the horrors of Globe War II, is well known around the world. 

However, the narrator in this future film appears to be Anne Frank’s best friend. Let’s have a look at all the specifics of the film before it hits our favorite streaming site.

What is the storyline of My Best Friend Anne Frank?

My Best Friend Anne Frank

“Based on the real-life relationship between Anne Frank and Hannah Goslar, from Nazi-occupied Amsterdam through their traumatic reunion in a concentration camp,” Netflix says of the film. 

The film is described as personal and heartfelt by Netflix. The film is based on the novel Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend by Alison Leslie Gold. As the title suggests, it will be recounted from Hannah Goslar’s, Anne’s best friend’s, point of view.

My Best Friend Anne Frank is being distributed by Netflix internationally It will be premiering on February 1, 2022. You can set a reminder for the film arrival, here.

My Best Friend Anne Frank

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