Mount Everest finds new heights, still hold the highest peak rank in the world.

This world has a lot to offer to the people who are inquisitive enough to know and grasp from it. There are the snow-capped mountains, valleys, rivers, oceans, forests and enumerable beauty mother nature has to offer that has not been grappled by man yet and is out of his reach.

Some of such beauties are the few highest peaks in the world like the Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Vinson, El Bruce who are a sight and beauty to behold in our eyes. Ever since time immemorial Mount Everest has been the highest mountain peak in the world with a height of 8848 metes (1954 estimate), located on the china Nepal border has now come up to be taking up the new talks in town concerning the height of the peak. There are speculations that the peak is slightly taller than what was caliberated before. The peak is not just the pride of the country and a famous tourist destination but a symbol of friendship between Nepal (Kathmandu) and China (Beijing). The two have been involved in an everlasting conflict concerning the height of the peak but settled the issue by sending expeditioners each of their own and recording observations forming a conclusion that the actual height is 8848.86 meters that is slightly more than what was concocted before. Nepal states that they used the global navigation satellite system to measure the height of the mountain. A Chinese measurement in 2005 determined that the rock height of the summit was 8844.43metres, about 3.7metres than the 1954 estimate.

The peak has been a trekking milestone for many hikers and mountain trekkers to achieve however there have been very few people to actually each the top of the peak. The snow on the peak in metaphorical terms can be said to be of red since it has seen so much bloodshed of wars and people who got lost during expeditions due to unexpected earthquakes and avalanches. There were estimates that the height of the peak may have been affected by the 2015 earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8. Garrett Madison of the US based Madison mountaineering company said that he was very excited about the new climbing on the peak next year since it has been closed for any expeditions due to virus ever since the two countries that are Nepal and china sent off their teams to measure the precise size of the peak. The peak has been climbed 10,184 times by 5,789 people ever since it was first measure by sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa tensing in 1953.

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