‘Money Heist’ Korean remake drops trailer on Netflix

Netflix has announced that the Korean version of its popular Spanish crime thriller “Money Heist” will be released just in time for summer.

On Friday, Netflix released a 43-second video for “Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area,” revealing that the new show will launch on June 24.

After five seasons, “Money Heist” (also known as “La Casa de Papel”) came to an end last year. It followed The Professor, a mysterious criminal genius, and his gang of professional thieves as they attempted a spectacular robbery on the Royal Mint of Spain.

'Money Heist'

After its premiere in 2017, the programme attracted people all around the world and quickly became one of the streaming giant’s most addicting offers.

Kim Hong-new sun’s Korean adaptation is likely to follow a narrative similar to the original.

The trailer for the 12-episode version shows the ensemble, which features masked and red boiler suit-clad actors including Park Hae-soo from “Squid Game,” Yunjin Kim from “Lost,” and Jeon Jong-seo from “Burning.”

'Money Heist'

The new performance features a traditional Korean Hahoetal mask instead of the trademark Salvador Dali mask from “Money Heist.”

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