Mike Pence and Wife join the vaccination drive and receive vaccine shots.

With the vaccination drive going on in the country current Vice- President and lady took the vaccine shot on live tv.

The American officials took it upon their shoulders to clear people of the fear of vaccine by making them taking the shot a public event.

The officials also did it because the government is on the way to approve another vaccine by Moderna Inc. for emergency use and do not want people to have any second thoughts about the vaccine. He along with his wife and General Jerome Adams each took the shot through an injection ingested by the medical staff.


America is one of the most advanced nations of the world and ironically was the one hardest hit by the virus and recorded the highest number of deaths in its third day. The vaccination drive brought hope in people of getting their normal virus free lives back. “I also believe that history will record that this week was the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic, but with cases rising across the country, hospitalisations rising across the country, we have a way to go,” said Pence, leader of the White House coronavirus task force. The hospitals have been keeping a record of the deaths which apparently surpassed 311,000 with new cases’ tally rising to be 239,903.

We expect to have more dead bodies than we have spaces for them,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told a briefing on Thursday. California was the most hit state of America with its hospital flowing with new cases and innumerable deaths and the intensive care units almost at full capacity the city has ordered to observe another lockdown across.

The human race has a lot to thank the doctors and scientists for their undying effort and hope to come with a vaccine that is so effective within a year since the virus broke out and risking their lives for the entire world selflessly. With the technical advances and medical sciences and the brains of the people involved it is now that the situation in the countries worst hit has been brought under control somehow.

The vaccine requires two doses, given three to four weeks apart, while others that are being developed may require only a single dose. Pence and Adams being vaccinated publicly “is symbolic to tell the rest of the country the time is now to step to the plate, and when your time comes, to get vaccinated”, said Dr.  Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.

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