Melania Trump to be present at the Pennsylvania rally

President Donald Trump will be seen with First Lady Melania Trump in Pennsylvania rally on Tuesday evening. This will mark the Lady’s first appearance in person at a campaign related event in over a year after she was seen with the President in Florida at the re-election rally.

She will not be giving any comments at the event and neither does she have any appearances or travel pertaining to the campaign in the near future, as informed by a source who knows Trump’s schedule.

The spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham informed that her diagnosis of the infection and the limitations on travel because of the pandemic have hindered the work schedule for the President. The President and his team have been back on the track for campaigning as the election looms just a few days away.

Melania Trump’s presence at campaigns

During the campaigns, Melania Trump has not been a very public presence as she has avoided appearances in various events. She gave just a few solo speeches in 2016, with the longest one in Pennsylvania which she gave after a month’s break from campaign events.

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“I’m an immigrant, and let me tell you that nobody values the freedom and opportunity of America more than me,” said Trump, after an overview by second lady Karen Pence, who is a committed campaigner in both 2016 and 2020.

Lady Melania Trump’s presence in the presidential debates was the most public saw of her in 2016, which is the case this year around as well. She was present at the presidential debates in Ohio and will be attending the final 2020 debate on Thursday in Nashville.

Campaigns and rallies by other family members

The Trump children have been in the arena and campaigning in many states. This week, Ivanka Trump will be in Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Florida; Eric Trump will be in New Hampshire and Michigan, while his wife, Lara Trump, who is a member of the re-election campaign, will head to Nevada and Arizona; Donald Trump Jr. will be attending events in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

The Trump campaign has even appointed Tiffany Trump to be a host in certain events, her first was this weekend in Tampa, Florida, named “Trump Pride,” targeted at the LGBTQ population. With the absence of his wife’s participation and hard work of his children in gathering voters, Donald Trump has been busy in rallies every day.

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