Meet Sahil And Nitin Who Are Generating Millions While Optimizing Their Social Media Usage

Sahil Wadhwa and Nitin Negi are those two youngsters who are presently inspiring a lot of youth out there. No doubt education is significant yet it’s not all that shows your effectiveness and abilities to do wonders in life. Both the youngsters knew this and kept their determination and dreams alive. They met each other on Facebook in the year 2010 when almost everyone was trying the social messaging app for fun. But, rather than squandering energy via social media, they were discovering some approach to utilize the ocean of opportunities in it

What the future unfolds

They began considering ideas of web designing and contributing to a blog and after some research and introspection, they started with it. Due to having a keen fascination for web planning and designing, and writing for a blog they were working effectively even in the underlying days and making decent money out of it.

They didn’t realize that something otherworldly will happen soon because in a short span of time they had acquired a great deal of clients and supporters which was above and beyond their imagination.

Sooner, they realized that they can turntable with this will power of decoding tactics that work on the web; this was proving to be a reliable vocation for them as they were doing positive. Today, with all their hard work, passion, and perseverance they have acquired a whopping 50 million followers on Facebook and Instagram, combined.

The rudderless days

Prior, days were difficult unlike these; the two of them strove in education just as in their decision of career. Nitin Negi who is a resident of Karnaprayag town of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand found Sahil from Madlauda village in Panipat district of Haryana, and this innings worked like a magic wand in their lives.

Both Nitin and Sahil had no idea in the beginning of the popularity and money they will get in the field they were exploring. They had no capital, no financial leverage, no experience but they went by the saying,” Trust the process” and had trust on their guts and hardwork to begin with it.

The start with a thump

Once they kicked off, they never turned around. A long time went however they continued buckling down, satisfying their customers with their work, and gave the most awesome aspect of the content on their online journals and blogs through their thorough examination aptitudes, rigorous research, and intelligent writing styles. All this provided them a social identity on various social media platforms and they continued their hustle. They learned about website designing, blogging, web traffic management and all other things which were necessary for overseeing and coordinating their everyday working, from the scratch.

Sahil and Nikhil both had a brilliant sense of business, they always tried to bring concepts to planning and implementation which were unique and beneficial for both of them like cryptocurrency and share market. Their journey till now was not less than any adventurous rollercoaster ride.
The duo ignites the fire of determination and hard work amongst numerous youth from their native places. And now they are becoming role models for all the youngsters who believe in carving a niche out for themselves, they showed once again that if you don’t have a degree from a prestigious and renowned college, but got brains and a will to grind then not even sky is the limit for you.

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