Madagascar starts Covid vaccination programme

Madagascar, the island nation has started has started its covid-19 vaccination programme. The region received the Astra Zeneca vaccines last week and just after that they started the vaccination programme.

The country has recently registered for the global vaccination initiative Covax. Jean Louis Rakotovao, Health Minister is the first person who got the vaccine.


For the vaccination programme first Madagascar is going to focus on the health workers, followed by elderly and those people who are with pre-existing conditions will follow.

The country had initially touted a herbal tonic – Covid Organics – as a cure for the virus despite the World Health Organization’s warning against using untested remedies.


In the month of March and April the cases where very high and they had to postpone the reopening of the schools and some of the schools were converted to treatment centres. A data released by John Hopkins University says that the country has 39,351 confirmed cases as of now, which includes 732 deaths.

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