Lucifer season 6 slated to premiere in 2021

On Netflix, we have a lot of fantasy-based shows, one of which is Lucifer. Coronavirus halted the production of the latest season and the second half of the last season. The first part of season 5 was released before the pandemic began.

As the creators have spoken, we know that the second part has been completed now and the cast and crew will be starting with the filming of season 6 as soon as they can. We thought that this season will just be 8 episodes long, but DB Woodside confirmed that it will be having 10 episodes.

The executive producer, Joe Henderson, said that the production has been started with the people on set and he appreciated the efforts of the crew in taking all necessary precautions against the virus.

Cast of Lucifer

The cast of the show has some very talented actors.

  • Tom Ellis
  • Lauren German
  • D. B. Woodside
  • Kevin Alejandro
  • Lesly-Ann Brandt
  • Rachael Harris
  • Aimee Garcia

Popular support for Lucifer

Lucifer has garnered popular support and fans have been waiting for the next season to premiere. It started about 5 years ago ad is still very popular among viewers. Season 6 is anticipated to open in 2021. Netflix did not plan on having a season 6 but the fans launched campaigns and signed petitions to revive the show. Netflix agreed for one last season as the fans requested and the show was already receiving amazing reviews by the viewers.

The show may be delayed to 2022 as the situation of the world doesn’t seem to get better. We can just hope and pray that we don’t have to wait that long. Till then, enjoy the official trailer of the Lucifer.

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