“Love Alarm” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And All Other Details

Created by Studio Dragon in association with Netflix “Love Alarm” is the OTT giants first K drama series. It made its worldwide debut in 2019 and enthralled the audience with its amazing concept.

“Love Alarm” Season 2: Release Date

"Love Alarm"

The drama series based on popular South Korean drama “Love Alarm” was highly successful post its debut in 2019. We fell in love with the concept as well as the characters. We wanted to see more of “Love Alarm” on screen.

That is the reason why just after a month of its release Netflix ordered “Love Alarm” Season 2. It means that the second instalment was announced in October 2019. But we all have the same question in mind, and that is if the series was renewed such a long time back, then why has it not been released yet.

But we have the answer to this. We know that the announcement for renewal came on October 2019 and the makers were gearing up to start production by early 2021. But that is when we were hit by the nasty coronavirus. And everything literally came to a complete standstill. 

"Love Alarm"

And now after a year of havoc, it is finally time that the shooting will start. If sources are to believed then the shooting will probably end by mid-2021. So as per that schedule, Netflix might announce the release date for “Love Alarm” Season 2 soon. Taking a rough calculation we can vaguely expect it to release by late 2021.

“Love Alarm” Season 2: Plot

How can we imagine the life of millennials? A world full of dating apps, hookups, parties, practicalities and much more! Let us talk about dating applications here, we all have tried it once in our lifetime and if not we will all do someday.

So even this series revolves around a very unique dating application called Love Alarm. But it will be wrong if a compare it with the dating apps millennials prefer. Because this application does not support the hookup culture but actually finds you the person who is meant for you.

This Netflix Korean drama has three central characters, Jojo, Hwang Sun O and Lee Hye Young. They are young people in search of a true soulmate and thus decide to use application.

"Love Alarm"

The female lead Jojo has a personal tale with the application because she can use it just to find out if anyone likes her. Nobody can track her on the application. So while using it she finds herself trapped in a triangle because both our male leads have been smitten by her.

So the forthcoming instalment will enlighten us if Jojo was out of her dilemma and chose her prince charming.

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