Love Alarm Season 2 is all set to release in 2021

Korean dramas definitely come up with a fantastic storyline for each of their shows. There are also rare Korean dramas that leave the viewers in a killer cliffhanger. Lover Alarm is one such Korean drama based on a technology that helps detect anyone they like within a 10-meter radius by installing an app. Yes, there is also such an app available in real-time in the play store, and anyone can download it. The series, upon its release, also became one of the commercially successful series. Now, viewers are left waiting for a long time for its second season and are demanding its release soon. Let’s get to know every possible detail of the second season in here.

Renewal Status and Release Date: Love Alarm Season 2

Netflix bedpost added another excellent K-drama, Love Alarm, which saw its debut way back in August 2019. Since then, it has been a while that the series got officially revived for another season in October 2019. According to many reports, the show was also supposed to get a release by the August of this year.  However, viewers are disappointed as the series got postponed for a further date due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Reportedly, script reading only started earlier that everything got stopped. Later on, filming resumed and came to an end in June of this year. But, there is no official declaration as to the release date or trailer of any kind yet. Filming got over, but there may be an issue in the post-filming editing. Now, the show may come back for its release of another season in 2021.

Official Cast: Love Alarm Season 2

The three main leading characters on which the whole show revolves around will return in their respective roles. The principal cast is Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga-ram, Song Kang in Kim Jo-jo, Lee Hye-Yeong, and Hwang Sun-oh. There may also be other casts such as Song Geon-hee, Jo Yoo-Jung, Kim Si-eun, Go Min-si, Lee Jae-eung, Song Sun-mi, Shim Yo-yoing. The appearance of a new cast and characters may also take place in the new season.

Plotline: Love Alarm Season 2

The Plotline for the season is undetermined, but it will get picked up right where the story ended in season one. It will feature more of the love triangle between Jo-jo, Lee Hye-Yeong, and Hwang Sun-oh. As Jo-,jo put up a shield in her love alarm in season one, it gets left for seeing the actual romantic feelings of Jo-jo. The real developer behind the love alarm will also get revealed in the upcoming season. The love alarm application also got a new update at the ending of season one. Now, the question remains as to whom Jojo will choose with her caught up between Hye-Yeong and Sun-oh as no one knows her true feelings. The new update of the love alarm will also portray much more exciting things in the series, allowing people to learn more about the feelings between two people and how deep are feeling for each other.

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