Landslide kills 23 people in Ecuador

Authorities in Quito, Ecuador, confirmed at least 23 people were killed after a landslide triggered by heavy rain on Monday.

Quito’s mayor, Santiago Guarderas, informed reporters on Tuesday that 47 people were hurt, two of them were critically injured as a result of the accident. He stated that seven people had been discharged from the hospital.

The mayor noted that authorities have cautioned that the death toll might grow as employees continue to clear rubble.

“We saw this enormous black flood dragging along everything, so we had to scale the walls to escape,” said homeowner Alba Cotacachi, who evacuated her two small daughters from their house.


“We are looking for the disappeared,” Cotacachi said.

The storm that triggered the landslide dropped the equivalent of 75 liters per square meter (equal to 75 mm or nearly 3 inches of rain) marking the largest amount of rainfall the capital has seen in almost two decades, according to the mayor. The landslide made the situation so worst in the region.

Guarderas said a similar volume of rainfall had last been recorded in the capital in 2003.

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