Kuwait Emir Sheikh Sabah Passed Away at the age of 91

The current ruler of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, died this Tuesday at the age of 91. As you all would know, Kuwait Sheikh was being treated from a US hospital since July. Sheikh Sabah emerged as a close US leader since the 1990 Gulf War. Kuwaiti ruler Sheikh Sabah died at the age of 91. Reports have said that after the demise, the temporary powers of the country were handed over to his younger brother, Sheikh Nawab Al Ahmed Al Sabah.

Moreover, US Secretary Mike Pompeo also expressed grief over his demise, saying that India has lost a close friend today. Since 2019, Sheikh Sabah was running ill.

Sheikh Sabah Passed Away At 91

The doctors have ensured that the Sheikh Sabah is no longer among us. Moreover, it is also being told that Sheikh Sabah was very ill since 2019. The whole public became very worried due to his sudden ill health.

In 2019, he was being treated at a hospital in Kuwait. And he was hospitalized in the US for surgery. If we talk about the contribution made by them, then this ruler of Kuwait was the architect of foreign policy. He was born in 1929.

Sheikh Sabah: Endeavors As A Ruler

He made his significant contribution to the post of being the architect of foreign policy. And he served as foreign minister before becoming Prime Minister, from the year 1963 to 2003 for almost 40 years. Where is he going now that Kuwait Sheikh’s half-brother will be given his post? Now a new law will also be made according to the constitutional law of the country.

Sheikh Sabah: Grief Of Public & Well Wishers on Social Media

It is being told that the age of Sheikh’s half-brother is around 83 years. As you all know, by the time Sheikh was in politics, he had improved his relations with neighboring countries.

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