Kiss Me First Season 2: Has The Series Been Renewed Yet?

Kiss Me First Season 2 is highly anticipated by the audience as the first season was a massive success. The series premiered in 2018 and since then we have been waiting for another season. But is it happening?

Kiss Me First Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Kiss Me First Season 2

The series was first dropped on Channel 4 and then it was released by Netflix. Kiss Me First received a warm response from the fans worldwide. Therefore another season is something we all are looking forward to. So has Netflix/Channel 4 renewed the series?

Are we getting Kiss Me First Season 2? These are the questions we are having in our minds for two years. And probably we still don’t have an answer to these questions.

Kiss Me First Season 2

But as of now, the makers have not uttered anything about Kiss Me First Season 2. So we cannit say precisely if another season is on the cards or not. Although if we consider the viewership and response the first season has received, the makers should actually think of bringing another season.

And even the storyline demands an upcoming season. So we don’t know if the makers will actually consider it and if they do we might get an official announcement soon.

Kiss Me First Season 2: Plot

This amazing series managed to win the hearts of the audience worldwide due to its amazing plotline. It basically is a thriller drama revolving around the dark world of web or more precisely the cyber world.

The protagonist Leila meets Tess through an online gaming platform called Azana. And they befriend each other and get along in real life as well. But things take a dark turn when Tess goes missing or maybe just disappeared without any rhyme or reason. And this drags Leila into a whole new world of dark secrets, mystery and crime.

Kiss Me First Season 2

We saw how Leila starts discovering some dark truths about the online game Azana. In a word, it was all about how the dark world of the web has started controlling our lives. If we ever get Kiss Me First Season 2, we can expect the plot to focus on darker things related to the cyber world.

Because our generation has actually started to rely on the virtual world for everything. And many a time we don’t really understand the fact that by doing so we can get trapped into the dark a heinous world of cybercrime.

Series like Kiss Me First focuses on the reality of the cyber world that we tend to ignore. 

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