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Jean-Jacques Savin dies at 75

A 75-year-old Frenchman who was attempting to row across the Atlantic Ocean was discovered dead at sea, according to his support crew.

Jean-Jacques Savin, an adventurer, has previously crossed the voyage in a big barrel in 2019.

“Unfortunately, the water proved stronger than our buddy, who loved sailing and the sea so much,” according to a message on his Facebook page. On Thursday night, Savin activated two distress beacons.

Jean-Jacques Savin
Jean-Jacques Savin dies at 75 2

Jean-Jacques Savin’s family had not heard from him in months and “were expecting for a ray of hope, and even good news,” according to a Facebook message. However, Portuguese maritime officials discovered Savin’s canoe crashed off the Azores, an island chain in the North Atlantic Ocean, on Friday.

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