Japan Found a Spy Ball – All Details about the “IRON BALL”

On 21st Feb, Japan suspected a big Iron Ball near the beach of  Hamamatsu. Police is trying to find the actual report of this incident. Based on the reports, the object measures around 1.5 metres in diameter. Based the rust on it’s surface, it can be identified that it’s some sort of Iron but the reports are yet to come out.

People living nearby are still worried about the big suspicious ball, but police and the defense forces of Japan, are still working on it. The experts tried the advanced X-ray technology to find what’s inside the ball, but it came out hollow. They called the experts, dressed with a gear suit to check that ball from close points to find something to know about this mystery ball.

Though, from one of the interviews one man told that, he came for a walk daily and he is amazed why this ball is becoming the attention of police and media as he tried to push that big ball many times and there was nothing to do with that ball.

After this, police blocked around 200 meters of radius of that beach for further investigation. Till now, no one can tell what’s that ball about and how it came there.

You can see the images here of this mystery ball, on the Beach of Hamamatsu.



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