Is It Really In Development Hell?

GTA6 Probably the most awaited video game of the years to come. In fact, there is no doubt that GTA 5, an eight year old game, is still the most popular game out there. GTA gets many new players and returning players online every month and brings a lot of money to Rockstar. So there is no doubt that GTA 6 will have an equally big release and even bigger fan following. Famous singer GTA 5 threw him out of the park.

But by all accounts, the biggest problem is that Rockstar is taking as much time with the GTA6. GTA 5 years have passed. And given that we have no clue about the game’s development status yet, it’s hard to say exactly what it will be like and when it will come out. It’s not that he stops guessing. And to say the least, the latest speculation about the game is looking really bad. So what about GTA 6? Does it even come out? Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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GTA 6: All the latest rumors


Coming to GTA 6, there is virtually nothing like Rockstar talking about when it comes to the game. The release of GTA 5 is so long overdue and we would expect at least an announcement about GTA 6 by now. But instead, Rockstar has chosen to remain silent on the matter and not really focus on the new game. New stuff has been put out for them GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2, And it is a money meeting machine for them. GTA 6 should be in production at least so far, but instead, what we found is the GTA trilogy. Rockstar doesn’t seem to be prioritizing GTA 6 And is closing its launch to make the most of its current IP.

But that did not stop fans from speculating and leaking news from Rockstar Studios. It has been speculated for some time now GTA 6 is going to be in Vice City After visiting Liberty City and Los Santos in the previous two games. Given the small size of the area to explore in the original game and the potential it has, this step will make a lot of sense. It is one of the most prestigious places in the history of GTA and deserves to have its own game. Some leaks from reputable insiders have also determined that the upcoming game is based on Vice City. And that makes me really excited about it.

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GTA 6: Development Hell?


Recently, a rumor came out from an inside source that GTA 6 is in fact going through a terrible time on Rockstar. The game is believed to be in development hell and the game’s development was rebooted back in 2020. It feels absolutely real when you think about it. But we should keep in mind that it was in fact a rumor and in reality it could have no strong basis. In addition, some people came forward and said that the video depicting this fact has been misinterpreted and it is being speculated that the game is in the hell of development. So it’s still not confirmed what the position is on Rockstar.

But if the stories are true, GTA 6 is in a really sad state. There’s a lot going on in the history of the franchise, and Rockstar has a lot to lose if this goes wrong. Think back to the awkward release of GTA 4, one of the worst optimized games ever. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen with GTA 6.

Rockstar and Take to Interactive have managed to keep quiet about this, and we’ll keep you updated if any news from them is published.

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GTA 6: Final words

With all that going on, GTA 6 is looking quite dubious and it doesn’t look like it will come out anytime soon. So let’s hope for the best in the future and see it coming to our consoles and PCs as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can check out the other games in the GTA series as they are all awesome games in their own right and at least deserve playthrough.

What are your thoughts on GTA 6? Do you think the rumors are true? When do you think it will come out? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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