Iran loses the brains behind their Nuclear Program: Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

The clashes between Iran and US are full fledged ruthless, bloody and killing or maiming thousands of men, women, children, leaving innumerable homeless and sometimes even without families. In a recent turn of events a scientist of Iran was killed in an ambush on Friday.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh 59, was an Irani scientist who the American and Israeli scientist have long charged to have been associated with secret programs to design an atomic warfare. The man was travelling in northern Iran in Absard a city just a few miles east of the capital where he was shot and killed on Friday as reported by Iranian media. He is believed to be the brains behind Iran’s nuclear warfare and weapons for almost 2 decades now and continued to work even after the weapons were stolen by Israel. However, it is still not in the clear who maybe behind the attack but it is suspected that the attack was planned and executed by Israel and the US being close allies with Israel for long in relation to Iran may have known about the incident the only question how much did they know since the white house and CIA declined to comment on the affair. The entire incident as reported by the media took place when he was in the car and the shooters aimed a shot at him while the vehicle was being driven, the shot wounded him gravely and despite the efforts of the doctors the man did not make it through.

The authorities of Iran were enraged with the incident and called it a terrorist attack and an act of cowardice since Iran has been claiming that they are in pursuit of the unclear of peaceful purposes only and mean no harm the officials clearly think of the act to be undertaken by Israel and consider it to be an unspoken war started. Mr. Zarif, an American-educated diplomat who is one of Iran’s most recognizable figures, said in the post that the international community — and especially the European Union — should “end their shameful double standards & condemn this act of state terror.” However, it can now be deduced that with the death of the man who was the whole heart and soul and brain behind Iran’s nuclear program the country may hit a setback in this nuclear programme and in contradiction will increase Iran’s will to revert back to any attacks by force. However, the killing of the scientist could also affect Biden’s upcoming administration where he was ready to revive the nuclear deal with Iran if they agreed to the limits detailed in the accord.

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